Saturday, August 4, 2012

I don't get this "Button" business

So, I'm sitting here waiting up for the Husband to get home, entering giveaways and hoping the Child doesn't wake up just as he walks through the door (#itwouldhappentome).

I'm not sure what this, maybe it's a rant, maybe it's a query but I don't get this "Grab my button" business on rafflecopter. What IS that? (double crazy emphasis points for both italics and caps) No, seriously, what is the point? I get that everyone wants to show that they are interconnected and that other blogs love them too, and they're cool but blah blah blah, come on!

They clutter up pages and I think they're silly. If someone can explain this "button" concept to me, please enlighten me. Heaven forbid I should ever have a "button", "grab a button" or sew a button on feel free to tease me and remind me of this.

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