Saturday, July 7, 2012

Planet Wise Wet Bag Review

When I started cloth diapering, I wasn't really sure what I needed. I'm a minimalist at heart, so I didn't want to be a whole lot of unnecessary stuff.  For the first two months of the Child's life I only owned diapers and wipes.  Seriously.

It wasn't until the great poopathon at our two month well-child checkup that I decided things had to change. Basically in the course of an hour and a half visit ( we waited and waited and then waited some more to see our pediatrician and lactation consult) the Child pooped three times and spit up all over me. There is nothing like leaving an exhausting morning appointment with a disposable Harris Teeter plastic bag fully of poopy diapers and clothes to make you rethink your current set up. 

Anyway, I requested and received a Planet Wise Wet Bag for the holidays from my folks and I haven't looked back. Here's a picture of the one I have:

Tada! There it is and aren't my photo taking skills lurvely? Yeah, I know, they leave a little something to be desired.

This wet bag has been great, not only do I use it when I'm out and about, but I've also successfully used it while on vacation. What does successfully mean? Well, it's a medium and I have stuffed a days worth of dirty (including poopy) flats and covers in it without stink or leaks.  This is the only wet bag I have, and I have no intention of switching it up, although I'm considering buying a large one with a snap handle thingy in Owl to possibly coordinate with the Child's room.

This bag has held up very well after almost seven months of constant ( I have a hard time sitting at home) use AND it's MADE in the US! Go Planet Wise! What more could you want in a wet bag?

Also, I was perusing their site and they make cloth wipes as well! Swoon!

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