Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are cloth diapers the new beanie babies

There are lots of Mama's out there who have impressive diaper collections. I don't know these women at all, and I have no idea how many children they are currently diapering, so I'm not judging, but when I think about 150 plus diapers, I think "where the heck do they keep them!!!!". That's besides the point though. I think for some, cloth diapers are like beanie babies. Yeah, I said it. Remember the late 90s? Aside from the mass hype and commercialism, I knew girls ( ok, so for the record I'm currently 27) with hundreds of those little choking hazards. They collected them, lovingly arranged them, waited obsessively for the next ones to come out... Wait, sound a little familiar? I realize the parallel isn't exactly the same, but the short is - that's how some mama's treat their dipes, AND that is how I feel about my cloth wipes. I love my cloth wipes. I lovingly fold them, color coordinate them ( I like them to look good on the changing table), trawl the internet for pretty, absorbent, WAHM ones, excitedly order them, and then I wipe up messy poops with them. Crazy, I know.

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