Saturday, June 30, 2012

Squeee! Fluffy Mail! Geffen Wipes Review

They came! They came! After feverish updating of the USPS site and constant stalking of my beleaguered looking mail lady, my Geffen wipes from Lovely Eco Chic arrived!

Here they are! Pretty, right? Anyway, these wipes weren't entirely new to me.  I had been given one of the 60%hemp 40%cotton (what you above) and one made of all cotton ( pale pink serging, for those of you with cloth wipe OCD like me).

So for 10 wipes it was $8.99. I'm not sure if this is still the price, but even if it's a dollarish more, these wipes are still worth it. For one, they are USA made. GO USA! (Did anyone have a Mighty Ducks moment or was that just me? Remember when they played the Russians? I think that was the second one.)  Two, these wipes are thin. How thin? This thin.

Yeah, that's ten wipes folded up. I plan to put the majority of these wipes in my diaper bag since space is at a premium.  But I also intend to keep a few by changing table. Why? Because they are white, and when you use a white wipe in little nooks and crannies you can tell if you got everything.  You should know what I mean. 

On a totally different note, I also purchased the lavender prefold.  I'm in the process of prepping it, and it's too early to really tell, but I think it's gonna be a winner.  I pulled it out of the wash, and it was so heavy with water (yes, my washers spin cycle leaves something to be desired) that I can't even imagine how absorbent it's going to be when it's fully prepped.  

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