Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rome wasn't built in a day

and neither will this blog. This is going to take some time. I'm new to this and computers aren't "my thing" so bear with me. Yesterday, as I was stumbling through some first time blog problems, I'm looking at you Networked Blogs, I stumbled upon two very scary and upsetting words, "functionality" and "widget". What the heck! Stay away from my blog you evil words-with-ominous-sounds! I realize others might not be so concerned, but The Husband is a Patent Attorney and he uses those words all the time. All the time! He has a computer science background, so as far as I am concerned he is the word/almighty authority when it comes to the internet, computers and anything with a battery. Anyway, I promptly stopped what I was doing and emailed The Husband. I requested he pop a tab on a dew, put on his computer nerd/geek hat and help me out. The Husband? He's a good guy, he did just that. And now? No more widgets or functionality, the internets got them and that's fine by me. In sum? Blogging ain't easy and The Husband is a real saint/computer wizard.

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